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Clip # 9883_011
Event Horns Premiere
Date October 30, 2014
Type Premiere
Venue ArcLight Cinemas
Attendees Mitchell Kumman, Laine McNeal, Sabrina Carpenter, Katherine McNamara, Laura James, Dylan Riley Snyder, Joey McFarland, Joe Hill, Cathy Schulman with guests, Ryan ONan, James Remar with guest, Keenyah Hall with Shaun Ross, Juno Temple, Daniel Radcliffe, Peter Gruber, Kaleina Cordova, Paul Rivera Jr with Josie Walsh, Weronika Rosati, Shamone Jardim,
Event Highlight
Reel Attendees
Daniel Radcliffe, ...
Format HDCAM
Hair Style Straight, Short,
Hair Color Brunette,
Clothing Type Informal,

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